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Martha made our next separate chapter a less painful transition

— John and Nicole S.R.

Divorce can be painful and expensive. It doesn’t have to be. We can help you handle the legal and emotional process better.

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Your Divorce Mediator in Santa Rosa, CA

Martha Buzza

Martha Buzza is a veteran Mediator, Legal Document Assistant and communication specialist known as a Neurolinguistic Practitioner. Martha has a graduate degree from UC Berkeley and received her certification as a Paralegal/Legal Document Assistant from UC Davis. Honored by the Sonoma County Bar Association for her mediation efficiency and compassion during stressful court situations, Martha is dedicated to facilitating livable and durable agreements with her clients.

Better Steps To Divorce

Answer a few questions

Your answers to a few simple questions will begin the divorce mediation and filing process. Traditionally we can complete the mediation and paperwork in 6 to 8 weeks.  But this time-line is up to you.  We don’t push.  We believe a thoughtful, transparent and thorough process leaves everyone feeling informed.
After we file, the Sonoma County Court in Santa Rosa, CA will render a final judgement 8 to 12 weeks later. Our “Pro” $3400 fee covers 100% of the costs associated with your divorce including ALL filing fees. Traditional attorneys representing both parties can easily cost over $15,000 in legal fees and linger painfully for months.

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Mediated Solutions

Divorce mediation is the process where both parties share their expectations to resolve the divorce. If you are looking for a divorce mediator in Santa Rosa, CA, look no further.  We will help to establish separation of property and debt, parental guidelines (when necessary), and post-divorce expectations. We then document all the details of this process in the court paperwork.

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File your legal paperwork

Legal divorce paperwork is extensive, requires exact language to avoid unexpected results or delays, and can be intimidating at best. We transfer your divorce decisions to the legal paperwork, file them, and shepherd them through the courts so you don’t have to go to court. Six months and 1 day from the time you or your spouse was served with the divorce petition, your divorce can be finalized. During this time, you will only be responsible for starting your new life.

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Tools Ensuring Everyone Walks Away Happy

Child Custody and Co-Parenting

Our process enables you to work supportively to establish the best environment for your children, foster a healthy spirit of cooperation, and document a child custody and time-share plan for both parents. Your plan can be open and fluid or precise and detailed.  In an uncontested mediated divorce, parents mutually decide how they will care for their children.

Property Allocation

Splitting your assets can be a tortuous and thorny process if not facilitated by a trained impartial third party. This is where the divorce mediator comes in. We are committed to designing a property allocation agreement both of you can live with.  This requires some give and take, some negotiation.  And here’s a bit of good news – what may be of prime value to one of you may not be as valuable to the other.  Divorce mediation in Santa Rosa can help you to discover what is important to each of you.

Child and Spousal Support Payments

Divorce Better will use a CA court approved calculator to propose child and/or spousal support. The calculation is based on income and expense information provided by you and your spouse. This guideline support calculation begins your mediated discussion to determine your support arrangements. In an uncontested divorce process, you can stick with the calculated amount or come up with your own – it’s up to the two of you.