A Guide to Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa

By gaining a clear understanding of the options available to you, you can then determine your next step in your relationship. Many couples are now considering divorce mediation services in Santa Rosa, and so within this latest post, Divorce Better will explain a little more about what the process involves and how you can choose the ideal option.

  • A Divorce Mediation Expert is Not a Judge

The goal of mediation is to ensure that both in the couple achieve an understanding of the future of their relationship. The mediation expert is not here to judge your case or provide you with a partner to fight against your spouse. They’re here to work with both of you to ensure that each of your needs is met with precision. This means helping you both to understand the issues within the relationship on a deeper level and providing understanding on complex topics.

  • Resolution Takes Place outside the Court

A key advantage of divorce mediation services for couples in Santa Rosa is that the entire resolution process takes place outside the court. There aren’t lawyers involved at this stage, and couples can remain free to express their opinion and receive guidance. This means it’s far more affordable than going directly to the legal process, where lawyer fees and days off work for court appearances can cost both partners thousands of dollars.

  • Various Stages of Mediation

It’s also important to understand that there are a number of stages and steps within the mediation process. Couples begin by meeting with the mediator to discuss their challenges. The steps can then move forward to conflict resolution and to regularly scheduled meetings with the mediator until issues are resolved. In some cases, the resolution will lead to a rediscovery of the marriage while in others the couples may decide together that separation is for the best. In these cases, a mediator can help guide the process forward so that all documentation and other administrative steps are completed according to the legal requirements.

Divorce Better Can Help

Taking the time to consult with a divorce mediator is the best way to safeguard your wellbeing as you consider divorce. To learn more about the role of the mediator, call our divorce services team in Santa Rosa now for a consultation.