Divorce Without a Lawyer in Sonoma County

Divorce Better was founded to lessen the emotional toll of divorce on the couple, their children, their family and friends. And to help create a path beyond divorce to a fulfilling future. We help couples divoce in Sonoma County for less money, time and heartache.

Divorce is not easy, but with over 1,000 mediations in family and civil disputes, we offer professional excellence, expert guidance and sound results. Whether you’re asking yourself “how do I find divorce lawyers near me in Santa Rosa” or looking for help having a divorce without a lawyer in Sonoma County, our techniques are designed to ensure dignity and respect throughout the entire process.

We are Professional Mediators, Legal Document Assistants and NLPs (Neurolinguistic Practitioners), all dedicated to forging durable, livable, amicable agreements. Our ongoing education efforts include mediation and communication strategy seminars to help with an amicable divorce in Santa Rosa.

Based in our home of Sonoma County, we enjoy giving back to our wonderful community. We have served for decades as volunteers with Recourse Mediation Services and Sonoma County Superior Courts, allowing us to share our compassion, skills and expertise with those in need.

As Honorees for Pro Bono Mediation Services by the Sonoma County Bar Association, we are recognized for our efficiency and our approach to encouraging good decisions in stressful situations. We are well trained and highly experienced. And we truly love what we do. Get divorce help without a lawyer in Sonoma County today.