Achieve a Better Separation When Filing for Divorce in Santa Rosa The Divorce Better Team 

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Going through the separation process can be difficult. You’ll have to consider the needs of your children, and any assets that might be shared between you and your spouse. When filing for divorce in Santa Rosa, couples often face many hardships that require close guidance and coaching from a Divorce Mediation and Facilitation Specialist.  The team at Divorce Better is here to guide you on how to achieve a better, more comfortable separation when filing for divorce in Santa Rosa.

Write Down Thoughts that are Making You Angry

It’s perfectly natural to be upset and emotionally angry during the divorce proceedings. Your idea of a perfect home has now been torn apart and you’re trying to understand what happened. Writing down these thoughts can help you process your emotions more effectively. It can help you to make more effective decisions moving forward, now that you have a clearer mind and a better understanding of your emotional needs.

Try to Reframe Your Thoughts

Now that you have your thoughts written down in front of you, try to reframe them. Consider the broader context of these thoughts and what they mean in terms of your life moving forward. For example, if you’re angry because your ex is moving on without you, consider why you aren’t together any more. You’re now single and able to achieve comfort and love with a new person, someone who will love you and care for you in the future. If you’re angry over your financial situation, consider the broader sense of control you now have. You no longer have to consult with your former partner. You’re free to make the right choice for you.

Remember You Don’t Have to Go It Alone

Many people going through a divorce might feel as if they’re alone in the world, as if their entire universe has changed and they have no place within it. But remember, there are millions of people just like you going through the same thing at the same time. Try to reach out for support in your local community when filing for divorce in Santa Rosa. You might also consult with a divorce coach mediation specialist who can help you analyze your current challenges and ensure you mediate the divorce process effectively. This can help give you a sense of empowerment and further your feelings of control over your own path.

Our team at Divorce Better is here to guide you in reducing the challenges within the divorce process and giving you back your sense of self and control. To discover more on our services, contact us now.