Achieve an Amicable Divorce in Santa Rosa with Divorce Better


The team at Divorce Better is here to guide you through your divorce process. Whether you're exploring the option of divorce or have already started, we can help ensure the process is completed effectively. Our team can work to provide an affordable alternative to hiring a divorce attorney in Santa Rosa and assure peace of mind to both parties.

Our services include:

·         Process initiation

This service is designed for couples exploring the possibility of divorce and can help to ensure that each person understands the process involved. If you decide to move forward, we assist you in completing the paperwork required to begin your divorce.

·         Divorce facilitation

The facilitation process gives clients the opportunity to discuss their differences with specialists. The package includes meeting with clients to review and complete all required paperwork to finish the divorce process. It also includes 2 hours of mediation alongside trusted mediators for amicable divorce in Santa Rosa.

·         Divorce facilitation + issue focused mediation

Couples that are more than 50% in agreement and require an issue focused consultation may choose this package, which includes a 2-hour consultation with a Family Law Specialist attorney. The package also includes 2 hours of mediation to ensure that any remaining differences are resolved before finalizing the divorce process.

Get an Amicable Divorce in Santa Rosa Today

Working with our trusted team at Divorce Better, clients can ensure they go through the divorce process amicably and with emotional and financial issues discussed.  It’s the foundation to a healthy and happy future for both parties. To book a consultation with a company specialist, call us today.