Alternatives, or Pre-Cursor to Divorce for Couples in Santa Rosa

Alternatives, or Pre-Cursor to Divorce for Couples in Santa Rosa

If you’re considering a divorce, it’s important that you first review all the options available before making your final decision. Here at Divorce Better, we guide couples in reviewing their relationship and ensure their divorce is as smooth as possible. In this latest post, we’ll explore two options that could offer an alternative to divorce for couples in Santa Rosa – should they choose this route.


Counseling can be a great option for many couples, particularly those still in the decision-making process. You might be able to resolve conflicts with your spouse and be able to move forward as a couple by working on persistent issues alongside a counselor. The counselor can speak to you both individually and as a couple to gain an understanding of the challenges you face in your relationship. They can also help you to understand each other’s needs and perspective.

Legal Separation

Another choice for those going through their options is a legal separation. A legal separation allows for a period of reflection and distance while issues relating to the relationship are considered. For example, couples might opt for legal separation while in counseling to ensure that they remain in a close-knit relationship while caring for their children.

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There are many options available for couples considering divorce. It’s important to work with a qualified specialist when analyzing your options. Our services team at Divorce Better in Santa Rosa can guide you. To learn more, call us today.