Make Your Amicable Divorce Easier with Divorce Better

Few things are as over-dramatized in the media as a divorce - and yet the reality is that every day, many couples separate in an entirely amicable fashion.  There's no need for lawyers, there's no need for animosity or protracted fights over who gets the car.  An amicable divorce is entirely possible, and it can save both of you a lot of time, money, and energy!

That's what we do here at Divorce Better.  We're a collection of professional mediators, legal document assistants and neurolinguistics practitioners who want to help you simplify your divorce process.  If you and your spouse are willing to simply sit down and talk, we'll help you work through any issues that might slow down the process - or lead to needless hostility.

The mediation services we offer include:

-          Divorce Facilitation:  If you are largely in agreement over the particulars of the divorce, we'll help smooth out any remaining rough edges and see the process completed painlessly.

-          Divorce Mediation:  Are there still major sticking points in your separation?  We'll give you professional-grade mediation services aimed at resolving them quickly and easily. 

 -          Divorce Mapping:  Where are you in the process?  What major milestones are yet to come?  We'll help you understand the overall process, where you are, and what the future holds.

 -          Problem-Focused Mediation:  Are there one or two major issues holding up the divorce?  This is where we can prevent the need for lawyers getting involved, and save you both a lot of money in the process.

 -          Attorney Consultations:  We have attorneys we partner with to help explain your rights and responsibilities, with an emphasis on family law.

 -          Paperwork:  We can handle any or all of the paperwork involved in your divorce, from start to finish, to take the burden off you.

With Divorce Better, it really can be that simple - an amicable divorce in Sonoma County, done with a minimum of time and expenditure.  To learn more about our services, or schedule a consultation, just contact us.