Worried That Your Divorce Will Be Contentious? Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa Can Help!

When 40-50% of married couples in America end up divorcing, it’s little wonder that some look for an alternative to long, drawn-out, acrimonious -and expensive- court battles.  That’s exactly why they turn to third-party services, such as divorce mediation services in Santa Rosa.

Divorce mediation can make every aspect of your divorce go more smoothly – and it might even mean you don’t need to involve lawyers at all!  Mediation services really can be a superior way to get a divorce.

Three Ways Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa Are A Superior Alternative

1 – A less confrontational environment

The US court system is, by design, an adversarial process.  Everything about it encourages people in a legal dispute to view each other as “the enemy” with a “winner” and a “loser,” and most lawyers will further encourage this point of view.  So, it’s little wonder that divorces end up acrimonious, with couples fighting tooth-and-nail over the smallest things.

Mediation is much more focused on mutually-beneficial outcomes.  We take the process out of the courts, to remove that adversarial aspect so that a divorcing couple can work towards solutions that are best for everyone.

2 – Experienced mediators can bridge the gap

A good mediation service can have hundreds, even thousands of mediations under their belt.  That gives them significant insight into the psychology of the situation and helps them act as negotiators and diplomats.  They can find common ground between feuding couples and help keep them focused on the bigger picture.

Again, this is something that a court-focused divorce will actively discourage.  Everything about the courts encourages vitriol.

3 – Save time and money

Who actually wants a divorce to drag out for months, or even years?  Don’t most people just want to get it over with as quickly and cleanly as possible, so they can move on with their lives?

This is precisely the goal of divorce mediation services.  By reducing the level of conflict, and working to quickly resolve differences between divorcing spouses, they can speed up the divorce considerably.  In the process, this will also make the divorce much less expensive as well.

Divorce Better Offers Superior Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa

With over 1,000 successful mediations in our past, we are highly successful at helping divorcing couples resolve their differences – and often without the need for lawyers.  Contact us directly to learn more.

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