Worried That Your Divorce Will Be Contentious? Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa Can Help!

When 40-50% of married couples in America end up divorcing, it's little wonder that some look for an alternative to long, drawn-out, acrimonious -and expensive- court battles.  That's exactly why they turn to third-party services, such as divorce mediation services in Santa Rosa.

What Not to Do When Seeking Divorce Help in Sonoma County

Going through a divorce is difficult enough without the additional complication of making mistakes along the way. Understanding the mistakes of others can help you in going through a divorce in Sonoma County. In this latest post, we’re highlighting what not to do when you’re seeking divorce help in Sonoma County.

Understanding a Couple of Child Custody Options

When going through the divorce process, one of the leading considerations is the custody of your children. How can you choose the best option for your child? Child custody is a complicated issue and too complicated to go into depth here.  We will briefly explore just two of the possibilities

A Guide to Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa

By gaining a clear understanding of the options available to you, you can then determine your next step in your relationship. Many couples are now considering divorce mediation services in Santa Rosa, and so within this latest post, Divorce Better will explain a little more about what the process involves and how you can choose the ideal option.

Looking for Divorce Help in Sonoma County? Learn the Tips for a Peaceful Separation

A separation is rarely an easy process. It can take time for you to come to terms with the steps involved and with your new life. Our team at Divorce Better has helped thousands of couples through the divorce process, and so if you’re looking for divorce help in Sonoma County, we can act as a guide. In our new post, we’ll highlight our tips for a peaceful separation.

The Essential First Steps for Getting Divorce Help in Sonoma County

In managing the divorce process a number of factors come into consideration: your emotional health, your future, and of course your connection with your spouse. These factors can make the divorce process complex and so it’s important to set the right foundation and ensure you’re moving forward based on the best information available. In this latest post, Divorce Better explains the essential first steps for getting divorce help in Sonoma County.

Our Divorce Mediation Experts Address the Question “Do I Owe Spousal Support?”

In our experience as divorce mediation specialists, we often run into the topic of spousal support. It's not a well-understood area of the legal framework and so to help guide you further on the subject and outline the legal process for spousal support determination, Divorce Better is highlighting the elements involved in spousal support cases.

A Guide on How to File for Divorce in Sonoma County

Filing for divorce is a decision not to be taken lightly. It requires careful consideration and an understanding of what the future holds. Our team at Divorce Better has significant experience in the filing process, and in this latest post, we’ll highlight our guide on how to file for divorce in Sonoma County.

How Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa Assure a Family-Friendly Divorce Process

In going through the divorce process, there are a number of difficult elements to consider: how will your children cope with the process? How will you and your former spouse manage your joint assets? What does the future hold for you both as individuals

How Divorce Mediation Services Experts in Santa Rosa Can Help Couples Distribute Property Fairly

When going through the divorce process, it is likely you and your former spouse have a number of disputes on who should receive the marital property. These disputes are not easy to handle alone, and that’s the reason many turn to divorce services experts in Santa Rosa. In our latest post, we explain how divorce mediation experts help couples distribute property fairly.

Is an Amicable Divorce in Santa Rosa Possible?

If you’re undergoing the divorce process in Santa Rosa, you might be finding it difficult to communicate with your former spouse about the issues involved in dissolving the relationship. Oftentimes, there are steps you can take to minimize the acrimony within the relationship and move forward as friends. Within this latest post, our Divorce Better team in Santa Rosa will explain more on getting an amicable divorce and the options available to you.

How do I tell my friends and family I am filing for divorce? Here are a few tips.

Deciding upon filing for divorce is never easy. You are likely in a world-wind of emotions, but once you make up your mind and realize it’s what’s best, it is time to take the next step forward. Telling close friends and family members should occur sooner rather than later.

Choosing an Affordable Alternative to Divorce Lawyers: Our Team Explains Money Management During a Divorce

One of the most common sources of friction within relationships is money. It’s what we depend on for survival and so it’s no surprise that money is at the root of many arguments. And it’s important that during your divorce process, you have a clear understanding on the value of effective money management. In this latest post, our divorce mediators provide a clear and affordable alternative to divorce lawyers, and explain several money management tips for those going through the divorce process.

A Guide to How to File for Divorce in Santa Rosa, CA

The divorce process takes time and can be challenging for those who don’t follow the guidance of professionals.  Our dedicated team helps clients achieve their objectives in the divorce process and complete amicable and successful divorces.  We understand the challenges inherent in the process and can help you navigate divorce expertly.  To start, let’s look at the process of how to file for divorce in Santa Rosa.

Our Mediators Offer an Affordable Alternative to Divorce Lawyers and Explain 5 Tips on How to Behave When Separated

When a couple separates, a number of elements come into play. There can be bitterness and anger between the two people. And there can be sadness with the fact that the relationship has run its course. But by learning more on effective behavioral techniques, couples can make the transition toward separation in a healthy and effective way. Our mediators are offering an affordable alternative to divorce lawyers, and in this latest post, we explain five tips on how to behave during a separation.

Achieve a Better Separation When Filing for Divorce in Santa Rosa

Going through the separation process can be difficult. You’ll have to consider the needs of your children, and any assets that might be shared between you and your spouse. When filing for divorce in Santa Rosa, couples often face many hardships that require close guidance and coaching from a Divorce Mediation and Facilitation Specialist.  The team at Divorce Better is here to guide you on how to achieve a better, more comfortable separation when filing for divorce in Santa Rosa.