Understanding a Couple of Child Custody Options

When going through the divorce process, one of the leading considerations is the custody of your children. How can you choose the best option for your child? Child custody is a complicated issue and too complicated to go into depth here.  We will briefly explore just two of the possibilities. Find out why divorce lawyers “near me” in Santa Rosa are not your only option.

Joint Legal and Joint Physical Custody

For those searching for “Divorce lawyers near me in Santa Rosa”, it’s important to know more about the value of joint legal and joint physical custody in divorce proceedings. Joint legal and joint physical custody is an excellent option when you and your former spouse both want to participate in caring and maintaining your child’s health and well-being into the future. Communication is crucial to keep a healthy and effective joint custody agreement. You will need to communicate well about lots of issues and events – school, homework, friends, discipline, sports, clothes, you name it!  Please remember to maintain respect for yourself and your former spouse if you want to maintain a good joint custody arrangement over the long-term.

Sole Legal and Sole Physical Custody

If you are the parent with sole legal and sole physical custody of the child, a significant responsibility lies on your shoulders. You have the sole legal authority to make decisions for your child’s well-being andyour child will most likely live exclusively with you.   It’s important to note your former spouse will have the opportunity to challenge you in court on matters related to the wellbeing of your child. The court may overturn your decisions only when they find the decision is not in the best interest of the child. If this were to happen, and while you may wish to limit your interactions with your “ex,” it remains important to be communicative and understanding as it relates to caring for your child and your former spouse’s thoughts and concerns.

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