How Divorce Mediation Services in Santa Rosa Assure a Family-Friendly Divorce Process

In going through the divorce process, there are a number of difficult elements to consider: how will your children cope with the process? How will you and your former spouse manage your joint assets? What does the future hold for you both as individuals? By going through the process together with cooperation as a leading concept, you can work towards meeting each party’s goals. In this latest post, we’ll explore more on how divorce services in Santa Rosa can provide a family-friendly separation process.

Mediation Helps Couples Discuss Their Issues

One of the most common problems associated with the divorce process is the prolonged, drawn-out talks between legal teams. Costs can rise quickly, and couples can be no closer to reaching an agreement by the end. In the mediation process couples work together with a neutral third party who specializes in negotiation between couples. The emphasis in this process is about what’s best for the couple, their children, and their future rather than what’s best for the individual.  This helps to foster a dialogue that promotes a calm separation process.

Mediation Can be Completed Quickly

Rather than simply taking months, or even years to resolve problems, mediation can be completed in a shorter timeframe. There’s no need to consider the best legal strategy to extract high value assets. The mediation process can be completed with a focus on what’s right for the family unit. This is highly beneficial in cases involving children. Rather than putting children through years of parents fighting in court, couples in Santa Rosa can turn to divorce mediation services to resolve their differences and then move forward with their own lives.

Mediation Enables Children to Maintain Their Relationships with Both Parents

The child’s relationship with their parents should be protected when going through the divorce process. Children can see their parents working together and resolving their problems.  This provides children with a foundation for their future and helps them to maintain a healthy relationship with both their parents. Mediation helps ensure that children recognize the approach that their parents are taking towards kind and effective communication.

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