Is an Amicable Divorce in Santa Rosa Possible?

If you’re undergoing the divorce process in Santa Rosa, you might be finding it difficult to communicate with your former spouse about the issues involved in dissolving the relationship. Oftentimes, there are steps you can take to minimize the acrimony within the relationship and move forward as friends. Within this latest post, our Divorce Better team in Santa Rosa will explain more on getting an amicable divorce and the options available to you.

Try Mediation

One of the best techniques for moving forward with an amicable divorce in Santa Rosa is to begin mediation. Couples that go through the mediation process can begin by agreeing they want to be in control of their divorce and take on the process together with the goal of making the right choice for both parties.

During the mediation stages, they can work with a qualified specialist who can then help them understand the process in a more concrete way. A Divorce Better mediator will be a neutral third-party who can help each person to express themselves with the context of the mediation process and then ensure that couples come to an agreement about the best way forward within the divorce process.

Make a Proactive Decision to Cooperate

While it might not be simple at the beginning of the divorce stages, it’s important that couples entering an amicable divorce in Santa Rosa make a proactive choice to cooperate with one another. Those that have taken the adversarial approach and work with lawyers will often come to regret the decision and may wish they had been more open to working with their former spouse on the divorce process.

Consider the Needs of Children

Children are the most prominent victims within the divorce process, but they don’t have to be. Couples can make the right choice for their children by entering into an amicable divorce process in which the child sees their parents communicating effectively. This will help teach the child the importance of settling disputes well and show them that both their parents are committed to their future and to respect one another.

Let Divorce Better Help

By understanding the elements of an amicable divorce, couples in Santa Rosa can now begin the process. To begin today, contact our trusted mediators at Divorce Better directly.