Filing for Divorce in Santa Rosa? Remember to Do These Four Important Things

When two people are getting divorced, it’s easy for them to lose their heads, or allow emotion to confuse their actions.  This is completely understandable, but unfortunately, it can also cause the divorce process to drag on or even complicate the proceedings unnecessarily.

Divorce Better is dedicated to providing divorce legal help in Santa Rosa that makes the process simple.  You can help, by doing these simple things before filing for divorce.

Four Critical Things You Should Do Before Filing for Divorce

1 – Get your financial paperwork in order

In any divorce, getting a clear understanding of the financials involved is essential.  This includes shared assets, solely-owned assets, and the income of both parties.  Such documentation will be needed for the proceedings and is going to be necessary for you to find a fair settlement between you and your spouse.

2 – Determine custody goals and capabilities

Most of the time, when there are children involved in a divorce, the parents will end up with shared custody.  Sole custody is relatively rare, aside from situations involving outright abuse or similar wrongdoing.  Therefore, you can help the process along by compiling documentation relating to your work schedule and your overall ability to care for your children.

3 – Complete any legitimate purchases you need

A couple’s joint funds will often be frozen once divorce proceedings start, to prevent one party from draining the bank account.  This means if you have any major legitimate purchases or payments to make – such as, say, getting necessary car repairs – you should do that before filing.

This doesn’t mean to buy anything and everything you want.  Excessive spending immediately before a divorce can still come back to haunt you.

4 – Find a support network

Divorces are very trying times for everyone involved, and it will take an emotional toll.  Find an outlet.  Whether it’s friends, coworkers, a therapist, a priest, or even a bartender…  having a way to “blow off steam” when you’re upset will help you keep a clear head during negotiations and court proceedings.

Looking for Divorce Legal Help in Santa Rosa?  We Can Help!

At Divorce Better, we’re dedicated to helping you make the divorce process as smooth and non-acrimonious as possible by providing compassionate mediation services.  With over 1,000 mediations performed, we can assist in a wide variety of situations.  Contact us to learn more

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