Looking for Divorce Help in Sonoma County? Learn the Tips for a Peaceful Separation

A separation is rarely an easy process. It can take time for you to come to terms with the steps involved and with your new life. Our team at Divorce Better has helped many couples through the divorce process, and if you’re looking for divorce help in Sonoma County, we can act as a guide. In our new post, we’ll highlight our tips for a peaceful separation.

Organize Finances

One of the most commonly disputed areas for couples going through a divorce is finances. Make sure that you organize your finances and come to an agreement with your former spouse. To begin this process, open your own bank account that is completely separate and controlled only by you. Review your shared costs closely and make sure you agree on the amount to be paid moving forward as you seek divorce help in Sonoma County.

Review Living Arrangements

Where will you stay during the divorce process? Make sure that you have a quiet location in which to spend your time as you go through with the divorce. The location should be close to your current property and allow you regular access to children as well as assets that are jointly held. Make sure that only you and other agreed upon guests have access to the property, and that you feel safe and comfortable in your new environment. Before moving, try to speak with older children about the process and get their opinion on property options.

Consider Joint Property

Do you and your former spouse share access to a house? Are there credit cards and other financial assets in both your names? Make sure that you consider these properties before moving forward in the divorce process. Consider how you wish to apportion the resources and whether you and your former spouse can agree on a shared property agreement. Getting their agreement now can help save you many hours and thousands of dollars in legal costs in future.

Divorce Better has helped couples navigate the complex divorce process. To learn more about our team and our work providing divorce help in Sonoma County, call today.