Our Divorce Services Experts Offer a Guide to Your Spousal Support Options in Santa Rosa

In going through the divorce process, it can be difficult to see a way forward in your life. This is especially true if you’ve sacrificed your time to raise a child or to build a life within the company while your spouse was working and thriving in their career. It’s for this reason that the spousal support process was created. In this latest post, our divorce services team at Divorce Better highlight your spousal support options in Santa Rosa.

Option 1: Refusing Support

There are numerous scenarios where refusing spousal support may be the best option. Your divorce services team in Santa Rosa can help you to make the right choices on this option, flush out a variety of scenarios, and ensure that all viable alternatives are considered before simply refusing support.

Option 2: Lump Sum Payment

In some cases, couples might come to an agreement on a lump sum payment in the event of divorce. This is often in lieu of spousal support and will provide the partner the ability to move forward in their life after the divorce has been finalized. One key challenge with this scenario is the negotiating of the lump sum and the timing for the payment. It’s important to work with a divorce services expert in Santa Rosa to ensure the payment is made promptly and that the payment is agreed by both parties.

Option 3: Continual Support

The third option is continual support. These support payments are generally made on a monthly basis and will continue for an equitable, pre-arranged timeframe that both parties mutually decided upon, or until the person receiving the support remarries. Divorce law experts can help clients in negotiating the support payments and in ensuring optimal communication with their former spouse through this process.

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