Our Mediators Offer an Affordable Alternative to Divorce Lawyers and Explain 5 Tips on How to Behave When Separated

When a couple separates, a number of elements come into play. There can be bitterness and anger between the two people. And there can be sadness with the fact that the relationship has run its course. But by learning more on effective behavioral techniques, couples can make the transition toward separation in a healthy and effective way. Our mediators are offering an affordable alternative to divorce lawyers, and in this latest post, we explain five tips on how to behave during a separation.

1.       Don’t Send Messages You Wouldn’t Want Others to See

When you’re newly separated, it can be quite tempting to send off a message to your ex-partner when you’re upset with them. Maybe they missed a meeting at school or didn’t pack your child’s lunch properly. It’s important that you don’t send emails, leave voices or send texts that you wouldn’t want someone else to see.

2.       Don’t Talk Badly About Partners in Front of Children

Your children love and respect you. They also love and respect your ex. And so, avoid talking negatively about your former spouse in front of your children. Make sure that you show your children that you still care about your former partner enough to treat them with respect. This makes it more likely that your ex-partner will do the same and so you can maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship.

3.       Don’t Do Anything to Cause Your Former Partner Pain

You might want to interfere with their friendships or take money that you believe is rightfully yours, but there are right ways and wrong ways to taking action. Don’t do anything that would cause your former partner pain. Try to maintain your own dignity and respect and make sure that you and your children are protected during this difficult time.

4.       Don’t Change Your Dating Standards

It might seem as if you should change your dating standards now that you’re a little older and newly single. But try to keep your sense of self-respect and control over your dating life. Make sure the partners you choose to date suit you and that they work to reach your highest of expectations.

5.       Don’t Drink to Numb Your Anxiety

While it can be a challenging transition to being single, it’s important that you don’t turn to alcohol or drugs to feel better. Speak with a qualified divorce mediator, who can offer an affordable alternative to divorce lawyers, as they can guide you through the process.

We’re now helping clients from across the region make a successful transition into their new life, post-divorce. For an affordable alternative to divorce lawyers, contact our mediators now.