Gain Comfort in the Divorce Process through Sonoma County Divorce Mediation


The team here at Divorce Better have helped hundreds of couples through the divorce mediation process and toward a brighter future. We work with couples directly to help them resolve their differences without the need for expensive lawyers. Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to file for divorce in Sonoma County, how to peacefully go through the divorce process or are seeking closure, we can help.

Choose Divorce Better for:

·         Problem-focused Mediation

Our team can provide couples with problem-focused mediation services, which help them to evaluate the points of contention with their spouse and provide a fair solution given the elements involved.

·         Divorce Mediation Mapping

The divorce mediation mapping process helps highlight where couples are in the divorce process and then sets a plan for completing all the elements involved. This service is included in a full package along with all documentation completion, facilitation, the MSA, and mediation.

·         Focused Attorney Consultation

For those seeking the guidance of a skilled attorney, we can provide direct access on a consultation basis.

We offer a number of comprehensive service packages, designed to provide you with your ideal level of service as you and your former partner go through the divorce process.

Get Divorce Mediation in Sonoma

Our team at Divorce Better is here to guide you through your divorce and help to provide a foundation for a prosperous and happy future. We have decades of experience in the mediation field and are committed to helping you achieve your ideal resolution. To learn more about our divorce mediation services in Sonoma County, please call today and book your consultation.