Save Time, Energy and Money with Divorce Mediation and Facilitation Services in Santa Rosa, CA

If you are looking at mediation for your divorce, chances are you are want a process you can direct – a mediated divorce process that is civil, respectful and collaborative – a process with no attorneys and no trips to the Sonoma County courthouse.

Your earnest efforts with your spouse, mediator, and legal document assistant can drive your divorce in a direction that will save you money, time and heartache.

Divorce Mediation and Facilitation – $3400

Our signature offering. For one fee, we offer couples a mediated divorce process start to finish.  You and your spouse need 75-80% agreement to take advantage of this offering.  The fee includes all face to face meetings and 4 hours of mediation.  You and your spouse mediate child and/or spousal support, child custody and visitation, and the division of your property and debts. We use your mediated agreements to complete and file all court paperwork. A great choice for couples with minor children, assets and or/debts. Includes the $435 court filing fee.

Legal Document Assistant Services  –  Facilitation, Completion and Filing of the Divorce Paperwork 

Individual – $1500

Couple – $2600

If you are looking for assistance in the completion and filing of divorce paperwork in Santa Rosa, CA we can help.  100% of all issues of child and/or spousal support, child custody and visitation, and the division of your property and debt have been settled.  From Petition to Judgment, we pride ourselves on efficiency and accuracy in completing and filing all required court forms.    Includes the $435 court filing fee.

Notary Public –
Notary services are available at no extra charge for Divorce Better clients.

Additional Services:

Solution Focused Mediation – $200 per hour
Occasionally clients require more than the 4 hours of mediation provided in the Divorce Facilitation and Mediation offering. Additional mediation is available in 1-hour segments.

Solution Focused Attorney Consultation – Fee dependent upon the attorney chosen
Couples meet with an attorney together, by the hour, for legal information.

Parenting Plans – Estimate will be offered after free consultation