The Essential First Steps for Getting Divorce Help in Sonoma County

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In managing the divorce process a number of factors come into consideration: your emotional health, your future, and of course your connection with your spouse. These factors can make the divorce process complex and so it’s important to set the right foundation and ensure you’re moving forward based on the best information available. In this latest post, Divorce Better explains the essential first steps for getting divorce help in Sonoma County.

Communicate with Your Spouse

The first step is to communicate with your spouse during the divorce process. What do they want out of the process? And how can you work together to achieve each other’s goals? This shouldn’t be an adversarial process. It should be designed so that both of you are able to talk openly about your feelings and the next phase. Make sure to limit your judgment of one another and that you’re able to make a decision together. If you’re having difficulty with this part of the process, you may wish to communicate with a mediator.

Determine Whether It’s a Contested or Uncontested Divorce

A contested divorce generally leads to the most emotional pain in the long-term as it means you and your partner will battle in areas such as finances and access to children. Working with a divorce mediator is often the best way to resolve any issues within the divorce process. They can guide you on the steps to take to iron out differences and on the way, you personally can move ahead in your life and toward your goals.

Fill Out the Right Forms

Make sure, when you’re going through the process, to determine the proper forms to fill out. The forms included within the filing should be related to your current employment status, your relationship status and the plan for any children you have as a couple. Many couples experience difficulty understanding the forms involved in the divorce process, and so it’s important that you get divorce help from a specialist in Sonoma County who can guide you through the forms and the steps involved in filing the requisite paperwork.

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