Top 5 Divorce Questions to Consider Before Filing for Divorce in Santa Rosa

The divorce process can be extremely challenging for families and can make relationships between parents and children more distant. It’s important to carefully review the process before filing for divorce in Santa Rosa with a recognized expert, such as Divorce Better. There are many elements to consider and in this latest post, we’ll help you make the right decision for your family as we explore five questions to consider before filing for divorce in Santa Rosa.

1.       Have you planned for the process?

Divorce is immensely complicated. It requires you to carefully consider your financial standing, child support, possibly spousal support, and asset/debt related issues. You must make a comprehensive plan in order to deal with all of these challenges effectively. For example, community property, that is the assets and debts accumulated during your marriage, needs to be divided between you and your former spouse. Try to work with a divorce mediation expert in planning the process effectively.

2.       Can you still work with your former spouse for your children?

Your children require that you maintain a code of conduct when communicating with your former spouse. It can cause significant harm to children to see their parents involved in a bitter divorce case. And so, you should consider how you’ll approach your spouse when discussing your children, and whether you can work out a child custody agreement. Before filing for divorce in Santa Rosa, consider the ways in which you’ll work with your former spouse to support your children emotionally through the divorce process.

3.       Are they any unresolved emotions?

Before filing for divorce in a Santa Rosa court, consider your current emotional state. Are you ready for the process or are you simply acting as a result of something your spouse has done or said to you? Make sure that any unresolved emotions are discussed with your spouse and your divorce mediator. Not only will this process help you in the long-term, but it will also ensure that you have a more cordial relationship with your former husband or wife moving forward.

4.       Have you done what you can to rehabilitate the marriage?

While there are many cases in which a marriage is clearly over for both parties, there are some in which differences can be resolved. Have you done everything you can to rehabilitate the relationship? Is there a chance you will feel differently about the person in the future? Is the marriage still viable? It’s important to carefully consider these questions.

5.       Are you willing to co-parent with your former spouse?

Some divorce cases require complete separation, but many will be able to have a working relationship with their former spouse after divorce. This is particularly important when children are involved and requires that you build your future relationship with your former husband or wife based on your mutual love for your children.

Our team at Divorce Better is here to guide you in the divorce mediation process. To learn further about questions to consider before filing for divorce, contact us today.