What Not to Do When Seeking Divorce Help in Sonoma County

Going through a divorce is difficult enough without the additional complication of making mistakes along the way. Understanding the mistakes of others can help you in going through a divorce in Sonoma County. In this latest post, we’re highlighting what not to do when you’re seeking divorce help in Sonoma County.

If You Haven’t Done So Already, Don’t Rush into a New Relationship

If you’re currently trying to find divorce help in Sonoma County, it’s important not to rush into a new relationship. You may love the distraction from what is going on in your marriage and the thrill of a new romance, but seriously, you are about to leave your spouse. Take the time to consider what your future holds. Life after divorce can be a fulfilling new chapter.  A chapter that will depend in large part on what you do today.  A big regret told me by many was getting involved and entangled with another person while going through divorce.  Hold off.  If this new person is truly special, they will be around after your divorce has been finalized.  Introducing new partners to your kids is another consideration.  It’s tough on them when it happens too quickly.

Communicate With Your Soon-to-Be Ex When Possible

It’s important you take the time to try and communicate with your soon-to-be ex as much as possible.  Communication is everything!  It is the key!  Let them know your good intentions during the divorce process.  Let them know when changes happen. If this sounds crazy because communication with your spouse is dicey, consider meeting with a divorce mediator to have a neutral person help with your communication.

Don’t Sign the Papers in a Hurry

You may not want to hear this but slow down.  Divorce is a BIG deal.  Go through the process as well as you can so you can look back on this chapter and say, “I did that well.”  Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events.  It’s hard to have your head on straight during this time.  Get information, consider all the options and most importantly, consider the future.  Your divorce decree is a legal document that will shape your new beginnings.

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