Why Divorce Mediation May Be a Better Path in Divorce for Sonoma County Couples

When a couple is on the brink of undergoing a divorce, it might be that one or both people wish to take an acrimonious approach. This can lead to bitter divorce proceedings in which money, access to children and access to property are bitterly fought over. There is a better way to approach the divorce process. In this latest post, our mediators will highlight why divorce mediation is superior to trials for couples in Sonoma County.

Negotiating with Each Other

A clear advantage of working with a divorce mediation specialist in Sonoma County is that the couples will be negotiating with each other rather than a lawyer. They won’t have to take their demands to their lawyer and then wait for the response from their spouse. They can simply take on the process carefully while listening to their former partner. The process helps establish an effective line of communication that can lead to a swift resolution. During this negotiation stage, elements such as child care, property payments and asset distribution can be discussed and determined.

Reduce Fees

The limited cost of the mediation process is also far better for both parties going through the divorce process. One of the more common issues divorcing couples face is when one or both run out of money during the proceedings. They then have to take out a loan to pay their legal fees, which then places further constraints on their finances even after the divorce has been completed. Going through mediation means that couples can avoid significant legal fees and can simply focus on the negotiation process while working alongside their former spouse and a mediation expert.

Limit Impact on Children

Long, drawn out court proceedings can have a lasting effect on children and how they see their parents. Going through a process in which their parents are arguing with one another and having to speak through lawyers also sets a bad example to young minds. Going through divorce mediation in Sonoma County alongside a professional can help couples show their children that there is a more effective means of communicating. They can show their children that they respect their former spouse and that they want that person to have an active role within their child’s life moving forward.

Our team at Divorce Better is committed to ensuring the success of clients in Sonoma County going through the divorce mediation process. To discover more on the process and its benefits, contact our experts directly.